Our additional services

Production of feeds on request

The equipment we have, gives us the opportunity to produce feeds for your individual needs.

Packing services

We have equipment for technological unloading / loading and packing of goods

Warehouse services

The goods are stored in a hall with an area of 1500 m2 which  is under protection and video – monitoring. The warehouse enables the storage of goods under conditions of quality assurance. GMO and non-GMO feedstuffs and heating materials are stored separately.

Transporttation and logistic

Since some of the goods come from abroad, we care about promt delivery to the customer to maintain the delivery according to the agreed schedule. For this purpose we have our own means of transport. |On demand, we also have other types of vehicles. We work with carriers and vehicle owners to ensure continuity of delivery. We ship goods fast, cheap and on time.

Custom clearance

We handle all formalities. We successfully solve all issues related to customs clearance and goods for our customers. Great experience, well-established processes and their methods allow us to be better  in terms of foreign business and to solve any problems with customs clearance.

Packing services

Ecoway ltd offers various types of packaging, depending on the needs of the state and the type of goods. We often offer goods in big begests. This package gives you the opportunity to store your goods on a small storage space compared to bulk storage. Packaging also reduces the negative activity of humidity, temperature, atmospheric influences.