Ecoway ltd  is a modern team that is going to change the world around for the better. We take active part in the life of society, charitable and cultural endeavors, we organize exchange programs for youth from Poland and Ukraine.

In our business we follow the following principles:

  • honesty and frugality for partners;
  • environmental protection;
  • social responsibility
    Our company is active in the life of agribusiness and we often participate and support forums, conferences, congresses and other important events in Poland and abroad.

Each year Ecoway ltd establishes new partnerships and at the same time strengthens existing relations. We enjoy travelling and getting acquainted with our partners in flash for better understanding of their needs. We really value long-termed relations and provide comfortable conditions for our clients.

All the time we try to improve collaboration with our partners, who are saving us time and resources. Through effective communication, interactive logistics, high quality products and rapid response to changes in the supply and demand market, we improve  both our  and partners’ performance.

Ecoway ltd : We are a reliable and trustful partner for …

...feed mills

  • we ensure constant quality of raw materials;
  • wide range of products;
  • continuity of supply


  • attractive prices and payment terms;
  • delivery  from 5 tons;
  • possibility of combined deliveries


  • we are the direct owner of the cargo;
  • flexible payment system;
  • wide choice of destinations

... households

  • fuel materials of all kinds;
  • constant quality and high caloric value;
  • convenient packaging

... raw materials suppliers

  • regular payments;
  • competitive prices;
  • long-term cooperation

... power plants

  • many years of experience in biomass supply;
  • keeping scheduled dates;
  • providing professional documentation
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