Our services

Feed production

Due to the modern technological line, the potential and quality of the final product has been increased. We offer a variety of feed ingredients and  feed products: cakes, brans, cereals, alfalfa, meals, DDGS,  pulp and others.

Packing services

Our products are packaged in new  polypropylene bags for high protection of the product against contamination and adverse weather conditions.

Warehouse services

Picking up and receiving raw materials takes place in our company’s warehouse in compliance with EU standards. The trucks, which are bringing the goods are disinfected at the entrance to the warehouse.

Transport and logistics

The continuity of supplies is preserved thanks to our own means of transport. The product can be delivered directly to the customer, even in small batches 4 – 5 tonns.. We also have the ability to deliver different products in one transport.

Custom services

We guarantee the professional work of our employees, individual approach, timely execution. We provide custom services to our partners. We represent our customers in custom offices, taking on the maximum of all formalities.

Payment and delivery

We practise payment for goods only after the delivery. We do not charge any prepayments for the first deliveries. We provide both high quality and good price on our goods and raw materials. We are willing to provide additional discounts (according to individual arrangements) along with long-termed cooperation.

Why should you schoose Ecoway ltd?


We continue to increase the competence of our employees. We examine the market and its requirements and respond quickly to its changes, adapting to the growing needs of our customer


In order to ensure the quality of our goods and services we are working to maintain the standards of international quality systems, which are confirmed by the certificates we’d obtained: GMP +, ISO, HACPP.


We are direct representatives of our producers, which has a positive impact on prices. In addition, we make our own products by building our brand and producing own goods.


We guarantee our partners the high quality of our products and services. We are open to negotiations and always answer any questions.


We have 10 years experience working in Ukraine. Since 2012 we have been working effectively in Poland in the above industry, enjoying the trust of our customers and partners.


In our work we are oriented towards long-term cooperation to achieve common benefits. We care about effective co-operation and mutual satisfaction.

Our achievments and certificates