Ecoway ltd supplies our customers with high-quality  pellets that are ideally suited for use in smaller properties as well as large combined heat and power plants, where they can be used as the primary or support fuel in heating production.

Ecoway ltd offers such a fuel materials as: ecological fuel pellets for retail and industrial use: straw pellets, wood pellets, sunflower pellets. Also we do have briquetts of different types: Nestro, RUF, Pini Kay.

Businesses, factories and  public institutions can use pellets as a heating fuel for locations such as production facilities, business premises, greenhouses, as well as municipal and state-owned properties such as health centres, schools, hospitals and office buildings.

The use pellets is easy to automate. The most efficient implementation of pellet heating involves pellet burners, which can be installed in combination boilers or solid fuel boilers. Due to their high energy content and homogeneity, pellets can increase the peak output and operating reliability of all heating plants using solid fuels.

The burning of  pellets and briquetts is released as much CO2 how many tree take from the atmosphere during their growth.  Who heats with pellets, not only does not contribute to global climate change, but also helps to reduce global warming and preventing another disasters, that might occur.

We have experience in supplying biomass to large power plants, and also to small domestic farms. We work with  heat and powers plant on the principles of punctuality, compliance and trust. For a several years we’d been supplying biomass to big Polish power plants, such as CEZ, PGE, Energa and other. We build our bussiness relations on the basics of high-quality service, supported with the high quality of our products.

Pellets and briquetts are an efficient and convenient fuel for heating production due to their high energy content, homogeneity and comfort of handling and storage.